What should be a Normal Blood Sugar Levels in India?
Less than 100 mg/dL (8 hrs of fasting) Safer limit is not more than 140 mg/dL
(After 2 hrs of eating normal food)

You have more than normal blood sugar levels but still away from being called Diabetic.
Pre Diabetics have blood sugar levels of 100-125 mg/dLlt is a warning sign to review your food habits and lifestyle.

When blood sugar is too high than normal and stays this way for long, one may be called Diabetic.

Insulin production is not enough in the body (Type I Diabetes) or if present, is not being utilised optimally (body cells don’t give much response to insulin present in body – Type 2 Diabetes).

Results of prolonged high sugar:
Longer durations of such high blood sugar give rise to complications of heart, vision, kidneys, nerves etc. Diabetes Type 2 is at an all time high. Thanks to the tasty food and/ or fast food and/ or processed
food in abundance. It is well established that traditional drugs are not a sure way to get rid of this menace of Diabetes. Traditional allopathic drugs and treatments include Insulin replacements, HmG-CoA inhibitors, Statin medicine for lipid profile etc.

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How can we improve or reverse Diabetes?
Improvement in Diabetes requires:

  • Long term behaviour change (Ahaar, Vihaar, Achaar, Vichar) i.e. Food, Lifestyle, our actions and conduct with external world, our thoughts and goals in life.
  • Prolonged glycaemic improvement
  • A better route to reversal of Diabetes needs a uniquely tailored approach for every person.

To help reversal, first focus on dealing with the following causes of Diabetes Type 2 as per Ayurveda:

Physical and Mental causes:

Sedentary lifestyle, excess sleeping, excess adaptation to Kapha causing actions, stress, grief, fear, long standing illness.
Foods and drinks: Excess use of Kapha causing foods, curd and its preparations, meat of water animals, milk and its preparations, sweet and carbohydrate rich foods, sugarcane juice and preparations, repeated and excess food intake, heavy and improper diet, unwholesome foods (may be palatable but  high in fat, salt, sugar but deficient in protein, fiber, vitamins eg coffee creamers, junks like muffins, donuts and others like this).

Signs and symptoms of diabetes:
Three Ps:
Polyurea – excess urination
Polydipsia – excess thirst
Polyphagia – excess eating

Dharmayu's General Package For Diabetes Reversal

Note: Few things of the pkg may vary according to the body type/nature and strength of the individual and the disease since every individual is unique in disposition and so is the effect of any given disease on him/her.A lot depends on age, sex, season, region factors also.

I. Morning:

  • Get up early
  • Have warm water according to thirst
  • Take Amla Juice (prefer freshly prepared)
  • Mix Seasonal Karela juice (fresh only) if it is Karela seasonotherwise take Amla juice only
  • Alternatively previous night soak 5 gm Triphala powder in a glass of water. Also soak Fenugreek seeds about 5 gm separately in a glass of water. Drink these two slowly : first drink Triphala water, then drink Fenugreek water and then chew Fenugreek seed well and eat.
  • Attend to the nature’s call

2. Do little yoga/ walks/ exercise as per capacityPranayama Meditation (before or after bath) Few minutes to your way of devoting to almighty Universe by way of offering Pooja, Prayers, Gurmukh Shabad, Ibadat, others to your beliefs Try to donate anything to the needy (you may do it once in a period of time set by you). This will encourage your own willpower.

3. Breakfast: Diabetics should take breakfast in such a way that blood glucose levels do not go below required limits for healthy survival. The range of normal glucose levels are mentioned above and may vary according to the unique constitution of the body.