Our Story Began In 1935..

Back then, in the city of Multan (now in Pakistan), Dharamchand Bhatia practiced pure Herbal Treatments with a vision to treat and cure patients with authentic methodologies pertaining to Ayurveda making real Ayurveda a part of everyone’s life.

In 1947, the Bhatia family shifted to Punjab (India) and was settled in a refugee camp.

At that time, Dharamvir (son of Dharamchand) was just 10.

This child rejected the proposal to stay in the refugee camp as he denied the idea of eating a free lunch.

He managed to do odd jobs to feed his family and buy his books to study.

An avid reader, he read Indian literature and textbooks and opted Ayurveda as his profession. At the age of 24, he completed his degree in Ayurveda and started to cure patients in the suburb of Jaitu, District Faridkot, Punjab

Slowly & gradually he started to be
known for his miraculous treatments.

He evolved numerous herbal solutions to solve the problems of the time and gained recognition from different parts of the nation.

He was known for his sincerity, honesty & his principles of life. As an Ayurvedic practitioner, he treated thousands of patients with complex problems via simple Ayurveda.

Dr. Dharamvir Singh Bhatia dedicated his entire life to inspire & nurture the human spirit.

His devotion, fidelity & commitment gives us the motivation to work tirelessly to bring into people’s lives the promise of nature’s healing power harnessed through scientific research.

Dharmayu is derived as an acronym to
Dharamvir Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd.

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Late Dr. Dharamvir Bhatia was gunned down in 1990 by a group of terrorists due to his immense participation and works towards social & community welfare.

A manufacturing venture initiated in 1990 and re-established in 2017 is in its process of making real Ayurveda a part of everyone’s life.

meet our doctors

At Dharmayu, our team of expert practitioners is dedicated to promoting health and wellness through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. We believe that each individual is unique and that health is a holistic experience, encompassing the body, mind, and spirit.
With extensive training and expertise in the traditional practices of Ayurveda, our doctors are equipped to provide personalized wellness plans, tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient. Whether you’re seeking relief from a specific condition or simply want to promote overall health and balance, our practitioners are here to help.

Dr. Pushkar Bhatia

B.A.M.S., N.D.D.Y.

Dr. Devender Gera


Dr. Rajesh Choda


Dr. Nishi Gera

B.A.M.S., N.D.D.Y.

Dr. Gayatri Bhatia


Dr. Meenu Kaushik


“Ayurveda: where nature meets tradition
for a healthier, happier you.”