Calcium and Zinc Supplement



Herbomineral substitute for Calcium in Antenatal, Postmenopausal, Hypoparathyroidism, VItamin D deficiency, to improve bone health and prevent Osteoporosis and Fractures.

Improves Fetal Health.

Cures GI tract disorders such as Acidity, Nausea, Vomiting, Malabsorption, Abdominal colic, Indigestion, Dysentery, Diarrhoea and other Disorders of the abdomen.

Aids digestion and metabolism.

Effective in Anemia.

Strengthens bones, manages Metabolic bone disorders and increases bone density.


Sudhanidhi is a natural source of Calcium and Zinc that provides nourishment, vitality, and boosts immunity. The infusion of 10 revitalizing mineral preparations along with Shatavari in Sudhanidhi brings out the powerful digestive qualities of this formulation.

Calcium is very essential during the postmenopausal period due to heavy bone loss and to prevent the increasing risks of Osteoporosis and bone fractures during this phase. Calcium is also required for the absorption of Vitamin D and in old age due to decrease in calcium absorption at that age. Maternal nutrition has a direct impact on fetal growth and weight. Poor nutrition may limit fetal growth and development and result in reduced bone density and stunted growth.

The presence of natural calcium in Mukta shukti, Praval pishti , Shanka bhasma and Kapardika bhasma in Sudhanidhi is very effective in improving fetal health and in restoring Calcium deficiency.


Shatavari: Shatavari is regarded as the universal rejuvenator as the word self reflects that it cures 100 diseases. Shatavari improves health by increasing immunity, vitality and resistance, and promotes strength. It is an Erythropoietic so it is advocated in Anemia. It acts as a Cardio protective, Immunostimulant and Anti-inflammatory agent.

Akik pishti: Akik pishti is one of the gems mentioned in ayurvedic classics that is essential in curing burning sensation, Hyperacidity, Dyspepsia and General debility because of its cold property. It has a special cardio protective action and acts as an Antacid and Anti-inflammatory agent.

Jaher mohra pishti: Jaher mohra pishti is a compound of magnesium silicate and a safe cardioprotective. It is used in the treatment of Diarrhoea, Liver disorders, Burning sensation, Hyperacidity, Chronic fever and General debility.   

Abhrak Bhasma: Abhrak bhasma is a therapeutic herbo-mineral preparation having enlivening properties and rendering it particularly effective in Digestive impairment, Malabsorption, Peptic diseases, Pain and in enhancing the taste.

Yashad Bhasma: Yashad bhasma is a unique mineral-based preparation of zinc. It acts as an immunomodulator and boosts the immune system. It is also an antacid, anti-inflammatory and digestive stimulant and is beneficial for Loss of appetite, and Ulcers. The haematinic and haematogenous property of yashad bhasma is very useful in the treatment of Anemia.

Mukta Shukti Pishti: Mukta is a calcium compound obtained from the Pearl shell or oyster found in the sea. Mukta shukti pishti is a safe preparation widely used as an antacid, anti-ulcer, a carminative and digestive in Gastro-intestine tract disorders. Due to the natural presence of calcium, it is also used in Metabolic bone disorders and to strengthen bones. It is also used in Fever and Cough.

Pravala Pishti: Pravala pishti is a natural source of calcium and is largely used for relieving a variety of metabolic bone disorders. It aids digestion by acting as an appetizer and carminative. It is extremely useful in pitta disorders like Hyperacidity, Dyspepsia, Bleeding disorders, Anemia, Chronic fevers and Cough due to its cooling property.

Shanka Bhasma: Shankha bhasma is prepared from the hard calcareous conch shell  and acts as an antacid. The cooling, alkaline, adsorbent, detoxifying properties of Shanka bhasma makes it an ideal choice for gastrointestinal disorders like Dyspepsia, Loss of Appetite, Peptic ulcer and Ulcerative colitis, Gastritis, Abdominal pain and Mal-absorption.

Kapardika Bhasma: Kapardika are sea products obtained from the sea coast. Kapardika bhasma is used as a calcium supplement and works wonders in mitigating Indigestion, Colic, Peptic ulcer, Dyspepsia, Dysentery, Asthma and Cough.

Gairika: Gairika is an important mineral in ayurveda known for its pitta shamaka properties. Shuddha Gairika is an astringent and haematinic. It increases hemoglobin level because of the rich sources of iron and is used in Anemia. Shuddha Gairika is also used in vomiting, burning sensation and diseases of the abdomen. 

Guduchi Satva: Guduchi satva possesses a wide range of therapeutic attributes and is highly nutritive and digestive. It is effective in Dyspepsia, Burning sensation, Chronic Diarrhoea and Dysentery.



1-2 Capsules in the morning and evening or as directed by the physician.

ANUPAAN: Water or milk

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