Ayurveda is a science of life that has the knowledge and tools to provide a healthy life span. This science is dedicated to the maintenance of health by prevention of ailments and in curing them.

With the onset of the monsoon and COVID-19 lurking around, it’s a dull time for the kids, as they will be mostly confined to the walls of home and will not be able to spend time outside. Ayurveda says that the rainy season dampens immunity, as the body’s strength is weakest during this time, thus, making the kids prone to allergies, infections and more.

At a time when we are in the apprehension of the arrival of the 3rd wave of the coronavirus, which experts say, are most likely to impact children. Here are some Ayurvedic precautionary measures to protect our kids from getting infected.


Eat light, warm and freshly prepared food.

Enjoy seasonal fruits and veggies.

Drink lukewarm water throughout the day

Have milk and ghee daily.

Bathe in lukewarm water with neem leaves

Massage the whole body with oil at least 2-3 times a week.

Sleep for eight hours.

Indulge kids in any of the activities such as dancing, exercise, yoga and stretching.

Maintain a good hygiene


Don’t control natural urges

Avoid oily, fried and cold food items.

Avoid too much screen time.

Ayurveda compares the concept of a healthy body to a barren land. Just as a barren land cannot bear fruits or flowers, a healthy body cannot favour infections. It emphasizes enhancing immunity as it is the utmost strategy to combat diseases. 

Ayurveda advises building a daily routine, consuming food mindfully, and taking rejuvenating herbs to endow the body with excellent immunity naturally.This branch of Ayurveda is called Rasyana and it helps in the preservation and maintenance of health.

Food is the source of life, nourishment and strength of living beings. Ayurveda mentions that the diet should be customized for each individual according to physical  and  mental  constitution, digestive power, seasonal and daily changes surrounding an individual. Food is the fuel required to keep the digestive fire intact in the body and if not taken care properly, it can lead to unexpected diseases.

Herbs used for Rasayana improve the quality of life by nourishing the mind and body, thereby, increasing the resistance towards various diseases. It promotes vigour, vitality, longevity and maintains optimum strength of the body and sense organs.

Dharmayu’s Immune Kid, consisting of rejuvenating herbs, strengthens the immunity of the child in a natural way. In the present times, when altered lifestyle, diet and stress are common, maintaining a natural immune system is challenging.

Immune Kid bolsters the immunity of the child prone to infections and diseases and keeps them at bay.

Augment your child’s immunity with Immune kid and let go of fear and panic!

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