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    Asthma affected

    26 Crore people in 2019

    and there were 4.5 lakh deaths 

    (according to a report by W.H.O.)

    Little girl in a mask, treatments respiratory tract with a nebulizer at home

    We have prepared a comprehensive

    protocol to deliminate the cause of Asthma.

    Our protocol have been designed by

    our eminent doctors who have

    been treating asthmatic patients

    over the years

    Introducing to you an

    Asthma Wellness Program

    out of our intense research

    and as per the methods suggested in various Ayurvedic Texts

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    What our patients say

    I had been suffering from Asthma from 12 years. I completely followed the protocol and I felt 80-90% relief in my respiration which was very heavy initially.
    Suryakant Mishra
    My mother used inhaler for past 20 years. We tried Dharmayu's medicine on Sharad purnima and for next two months inhaler was not required. The problem was temporarily resolved. She took the Peepal Chhaal medicine 3 times and continued the yoga and pranayama practice. She is well now and is not using any medicines or inhalers. Thanks to Dharmayu 🙂
    Ashutosh Sehgal
    They organize a wonderful program. Although, my problem is not completely cured but I enjoy the process.
    Would love to be the part every year.
    Devyani Pratap

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