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Reverse Diabetes Naturally with Dharmayu’s Diabetes Care Kit: Unlock the Power of Ayurveda

Experience the transformative potential of Ayurveda with Dharmayu’s Diabetes Care Kit. Designed to help you reverse diabetes naturally, this kit combines authentic Ayurvedic formulations with the wisdom of herbal solutions. With a focus on managing blood sugar levels and promoting overall well-being, our kit empowers you to take control of your health using the principles of Ayurveda.

Why Choose Dharmayu for Your Diabetes Care:

At Dharmayu, we are committed to providing you with the best herbal solutions for diabetes care. Here’s why you should choose us:

1. Authentic Ayurvedic Formulations:

Our Diabetes Care Kit is rooted in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. We carefully select herbs known for their beneficial properties in reversing diabetes naturally.

2. Evidence-Based Approach:

Our formulations are developed based on Ayurvedic texts, scientific research, and modern understanding. We blend traditional knowledge with contemporary insights to offer an effective and holistic approach to diabetes reversal.

3. Quality Ingredients:

We prioritize the use of high-quality ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers. Each herb in our Diabetes Care Kit is carefully chosen for its purity, potency, and therapeutic value.

4. Safety First:

Your well-being is our top priority. Our products undergo rigorous quality control to ensure they are free from contaminants and meet the highest safety standards.

Dharmayu’s Diabetes Care Kit Includes:

1. DM Powder (Fine Powder):

Formulated with the potent combination of Gudmar and Neem, DM Powder supports healthy blood sugar management and helps regulate insulin levels naturally.

2. Shila Gokhru Capsules:

These capsules contain the power of Shilajit and Gokhru, renowned herbs in Ayurveda known for their role in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and supporting kidney function.

3. Liver Kadha (Coarse Powder):

A unique blend of Kutki and Punarnava, Liver Kadha aids in liver detoxification, promotes healthy digestion, and supports overall liver health – crucial for individuals with diabetes.

4. Triphala Powder (Fine Powder):

Triphala, composed of Harad and Baheda, is an Ayurvedic powerhouse known for its digestive benefits, antioxidant properties, and support in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Herbal Solutions:

Discover the numerous benefits of incorporating Ayurvedic herbal solutions into your diabetes care journey with Dharmayu’s Diabetes Care Kit:

1. Blood Sugar Regulation:

Our kit includes a range of herbs that support healthy blood sugar levels, aid in glucose metabolism, and promote overall balance within the body.

2. Enhanced Energy and Vitality:

The herbal formulations in our kit are designed to enhance energy levels, boost stamina, and improve overall vitality – crucial for individuals managing diabetes.

3. Support for Vital Organs:

The specific herbs in our Diabetes Care Kit support liver health, aid digestion, and assist in detoxification, contributing to optimal organ function and overall well-being.

4. Holistic Approach:

Dharmayu’s Diabetes Care Kit embraces Ayurveda’s holistic philosophy, addressing not only physical aspects but also mental and emotional well-being. This comprehensive approach ensures a balanced and sustainable approach to diabetes management.

Embark on your journey to reverse diabetes naturally with Dharmayu’s Diabetes Care Kit. Experience the profound difference that herbal solutions grounded in Ayurvedic wisdom can make, empowering you to achieve improved well-being.

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55 reviews for Diabetes Care Kit

  1. Dr Rajesh Chander

    My patients who were having DM for long and some were on Insulin units, responded well and glucose levels gradually came down. The ones who followed protocols well were able to reduce/ discontinue their conventional medicine under knowledge of their treating doctor. There was no interaction reported between two medicines (conventional and herbal).

  2. Bhupinder Pal Singh

    Diabetes Care Kit धर्मायु द्वारा diabetese के मरीजों के लिए एक नायाब तोहफा है। किसी को diabetes हो जाए तो वह एलोपैथी की तरफ भागता है। पांच दस साल बाद भी बीमारी कम नहीं होती बल्कि बढ़ जाती है, दवाई की मात्रा भी बढ़ जाती है।
    इस किट वाली दवाइयां लेने से महीने में ही रिज़ल्ट आता है क्योंकि शूगर कम होती है और दवाई की मात्रा भी कम हो जाती है…फिर बिल्कुल ठीक होने लग जाता है।
    Well done and thanks Dharmayu for this wonderful kit.

  3. Anil

    Diabetes care kit ye seriously mai bhut kaam ki hai meri mother ko diabetes thi mene pehle kaafi medicine khilayi but araam nahi mila fir enki diabetes kit se kaafi theek ho gyi thank you dharmayu and thanks Dr. Rajesh choda ji

  4. Devender gera

    I have given number of patients.blood sugar came down within a week. Excellent results, allopathic medicine reduced in a week. Other products of Dharmayu are also 👍

  5. Pushkar vir

    It reduces blood sugar level

  6. Jyoti

    Well done and thanks Dharmayu for this wonderful kit.

  7. Dolly

    Diabetes care kit bahut hi effective medicine hai
    Thankyou Dharmayu for providing such medicines

  8. Chandrakanta

    Diabetes care kit is very effective for sugar. It reduces sugar level in one month only.
    Thankyou Dharmayu.

  9. Gayatri

    Good results
    Thanks Dharmayu

  10. Geetanjli

    Great kit. Excellent results. Works within weeks.

  11. Monika

    Diabetes care kit bhut hi beneficial kit hai, natural products hai. Thanks Dharmayu. It is wonderful

  12. Monika

    It’s wonderful product. Thanks Dharmayu

  13. Jyoti Sharma

    This product is very helpful I am totally satisfied by this product

  14. Asha

    Ye bhut acha hai medicine hai bhut acha response hai

  15. Kanav

    Es kit ke bhoot acha response meri daadi ki blood sugar Kam ho gyi

  16. Dolly

    All Dharmayu products are very good
    Thankyou Dharmayu
    Diabetes ki medicine bahut effective maine dekha hai

  17. भारत भूषण

    शूगर के मरीजों के लिए यह दवा राम बाण है । मुझे शुगर की शुरूआत ही हुई थी मैंने धर्मायु की केयर किट मंगवा कर उसका प्रयोग किया, हफ्ते में ही नोर्मल आ गई। धर्मायु की यह दवा मुझे सबसे अच्छी लगी।

  18. Parveen kalra

    यह बहुत ही लाभकारी किट है।
    इसका रिजल्ट चमत्कारी है। मुझे लगता है एलोपैथी दवा के साइड इफेक्ट ज्यादा बुरे होते है । और आयुर्वेदिक दवा से हमारी शरीर की इम्यूनिटी भी ठीक रहती है। ये मेरा मानना है की जिसको शुगर की समस्या है वह कृपया धर्मायू किट एक बार पूरी ईमानदारी से जरूर ले।

  19. Dr Mamta Sharma

    This package is based on true ayurveda concepts like Aahar Vihar and Aushadh and that is why patients are getting satisfactory results . 2nd the quality of herbs and products is really good and authentic . My patients are getting good results with this diabetes reversal kit so thank you Dharmayu .

  20. सुशीला

    धर्मायु की शुगर kit के रिजल्ट बहुत अच्छे है।
    Kit को प्रयोग करके देखा शुगर तो कंट्रोल रहती है और शरीर में एनर्जी रहती है। धर्मायु का बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद।

  21. Amit Rana (verified owner)

    I am using dharmayu diabetic care kit , I have got good results, with in 20 days my sugar level is in normal range. Thank to dharmayu.

  22. Yogesh Kumar

    मुझे पिछले 20 साल से शुगर हैं मैं सुबह दोपहर और शाम को 3 वक्त दवाई लेता था पर जब मैनें धर्मायु का रिवसेबल शुगर का 45 दिनों का कोर्स किया उसके बाद अब मैं सिर्फ सुबह 1 ही वक्त दवाई ले रहा हूँ। अभी मैंने शुगर का टेस्ट एच बी ए वन सी करवाया जिसका मेरा रिजेल्ट 5.9 आया जो पहले 3 वक्त दवाई लेने के बावजूद भी 7.4 आता था। अब मैं पहले से ज्यादा एनर्जी भी महसूस करता हूँ। अगर कोई पुरी ईमानदारी से जैसा डाॅक्टर साहिब कहते हैं करे तो मुझे लगता हैं ये शुगर की 1 समय की दवाई भी बन्द हो सकती हैं। धन्यवाद धर्मायु

  23. Sarita Joshi

    I had an amazing experience at Dharmayu Wellness Clinic. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and caring. They took the time to understand my needs and provided personalized wellness solutions. The atmosphere was calm and inviting, which made me feel relaxed throughout my visit. I highly recommend Dharmayu to anyone looking for holistic wellness services

  24. Burry Ahuja

    I’m extremely satisfied with Dharmayu’s Diabetes Care Kit. It has helped me maintain stable blood sugar levels and improved my overall well-being. Great product!

  25. టీలీ మరియు అగస్త్య

    ధర్మయు డయాబెటీస్ కేర్ కిట్ చాలా ఉపయోగకరంగా ఉంది. మంచి మదుమేహ నివారణ స్థాయిని మంచిగా మీరు నిర్వహించగలరు. ఆకర్షణీయంగా ఉండే పొరటల్లో మదుమేహ కేర్ కిట్ తో విశ్వాసనీయతను పొందండి

  26. সৌভাগ্যিক স্বাস্থ্য

    “ধর্মায়ুর ডায়াবেটিস কেয়ার কিট অত্যন্ত সুবিধাজনক। স্থায়ী রক্তশর্করা স্তর বজায় রাখতে এটি অত্যন্ত সহায

  27. Lalit Tyagi

    I’ve always been a dreamer, and thanks to Dharmayu’s wellness program, I’ve realized that dreaming big and taking care of my health go hand in hand. Their guidance and support have helped me achieve optimal wellness, and I’m now on the path to turning my dreams into reality!

  28. Shravan Kumar

    “Dharmayu Diabetes Care Kit bahut accha hai. Mere blood glucose level kam ho gaye hain aur energy bhi badh gayi hai. Mai isse roz istemal karta hu aur ab mai apne din ko puri takat se shuru kar pata hu. Dharmayu ne mujhe bahut madad ki hai.

  29. Binod Arya

    Liver Kadha thoda kadwa hai, lekin uski ahmiyat samajhkar mai ise niyamit roop se sevan karta hoon. DM Powder ne meri blood glucose level ko kam kiya hai aur mujhe noticeable farq mehsoos hua hai. Shilagokhru capsules mujhe takat dete hain aur mujhe din bhar energetic mehsoos karne mein madad karte hain. Dharmayu Diabetes Care Kit mere liye ek vishesh aushadhi hai!

  30. Rakesh Jha

    Dharmayu Diabetes Care Kit – A Natural and Herbal Solution! With D-Fusion, I feel refreshed and energized every morning after consuming the soaked water. Dharmayu Diabetes Care Kit is an exceptional natural and herbal remedy that has made a positive impact on my health!

  31. Aparna

    Dharmayu Diabetes Care Kit ekti wonder kit! Amar blood glucose level kom hochhe ebong energi-o beshi hochhe. Ami eyi kit ta pratidin niye cholchi ar ekhon ami amar din ke puri shaktite suru korte pari. Dharmayu amake khub sahajjo koreche.

  32. Tushar Guglani

    After consistent use, my HbA1c levels dropped from 9.5 to 6.2, which is incredible!

  33. Sujata

    I’ve been struggling with high HbA1c levels for years, despite various efforts to control my diabetes. But ever since I started using the Dharmayu Diabetes Care Kit, I’ve seen remarkable improvements.

  34. Manoj Pal

    Jab dawai khana band kia to firse sugar badh gya

  35. Dr. Mahesh Tripathi

    I have recommended this to my patients. I’ve not steady decline in blood sugar levels. Dharmayu is doing a goodjob!

  36. Neelam Sarda

    My sugar is random
    Sometimes very low, sometimes very high

  37. Sarita Kaushik

    At first there was not much response. Later, my sugar level started coming down. I was using Metphormin for 10 years. My doctor has reduced the dose to 1 tablet after so many years. All thanks to Dharmayu products & doctors

  38. Radhika Joshi

    Effective 😊👍🏻

  39. Zayyan Khan

    I am amazed by the effectiveness of Dharmayu’s Diabetes Care Kit. It has helped me naturally manage my blood sugar levels and regain control of my health.

  40. Aisha Gupta

    Managing diabetes while taking care of my family was overwhelming, but Dharmayu’s Diabetes Care Kit has been a blessing. The herbal remedies are easy to incorporate into my daily routine, and they have positively impacted my blood sugar control. I feel more confident and empowered in my diabetes journey.

  41. Jagdish Kumar

    Mujhe diabetes ki samasya hai par Dharmayu ka Diabetes Care Kit use karne ke baad mera blood sugar level kaafi control mein aa gaya hai.

  42. Amara Sheikh

    I recently tried Dharmayu’s Diabetes Care Kit, and while it has helped me manage my blood sugar levels to some extent, I didn’t see the dramatic improvement I was expecting. The herbal formulations are decent, but I feel there’s room for enhancement.

  43. Arun Katyal

    Dharmayu ka Diabetes Care Kit try kiya, par mujhe expected result nahi mila. Sugar control toh hua hai thoda, par itni jyada farak nahi pada.

  44. Aadi

    Highly recommended!

  45. Neha Sharma

    I’ve noticed a gradual decrease in my blood sugar levels, and the overall well-being boost is fantastic.

  46. Sandeep Singhal

    My doctor has noticed significant improvements in my blood sugar control, and I couldn’t be happier. Kudos to Dharmayu!

  47. Wanz Kahit


  48. Adbul Azad

    Assalamualaikum, my name is Abdul Mohammad, and I would like to share my experience with Dharmayu’s Diabetes Care Kit. I was trying to find natural and effective solutions for managing my diabetes. Alhamdulillah, this kit has proven to be a valuable asset in my journey towards better health.

  49. Fateh ali

    Yes, it helps in Diabetes

  50. Mohit Sabharwal


  51. Subhash Goyal

    Maine bahut salo se metphormine kha rha tha. Jab Dharmayu ka diabetes reversal program ka pta chala to Maine socha ye kaise possible hai ki Bina goli ke sugar thik ho jaegi. But Maine socha try karke dekh lete hain.
    3 mahine ye kit use karne ke bad abhi mera sugar Bina kisi medicine ke control me hain. Thanks to Dharmayu. Keep up the good work.

  52. Sonia Sanan

    Their products are good 💯

  53. Aman Diwakar

    Not much of a difference noted in 30 days. Sugar levels are same.

  54. Gurpratap

    All products are of good quality

  55. Sheena Vohra

    My husband has been struggling with diabetes for a while, and this kit has been a blessing in disguise. The Ayurvedic formulations have made a significant impact on his blood sugar levels, and I’ve noticed a positive change in his energy levels and overall well-being. Thank you team Dharmayu

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