Immune Kid


Strengthens digestive system

Improves respiratory health, improves blood circulation

Improves nutrition by toning up the appetite.

Promotes absorption and metabolism

Helps  in increasing retention, learning ability, enhancing memory 

Purifies the blood and detoxifies the body

Boosts the immune system and improves vigor, vitality, wisdom, and glow.


Immune Kid is an Ayurvedic dietary syrup formulated by processing 45 medicinal herbs with Amla as its main ingredient. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps preserve strength, stamina, vitality and prevents recurrent Upper Respiratory Tract infections, chronic cough and cold, allergies and inflammatory disorders.

Immune kid acts as a disease-preventing, health-promoting formulation for children by regulating vital functions. It stimulates the immune system by preventing proneness to repeated attacks of illness and increasing resistance against invasion by pathogens. It also helps in increasing retention, learning ability and enhancing memory.

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200ml, 100ml