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Shila Gokhru

Diabetes mellitus

Helps control neurological issues associated with DM

Liver issues like cirrhosis and fatty liver

Kidney issues

Urogenital issues

Helps build general strength and libido

Helps in respiratory issues.

Works for joint issues


Shila Gokhru capsules are composed of both the plant’s extract and are full of its individual qualities along with minerals present in them. These capsules work better than any other composition of Shilajit and Gokhru as both the plants are used in extract form and are more bioavailable in the body and works better for Diabetes and related issues, liver issues, kidney issues, urogenital issues and respiratory issues. Helps effectively balance glycemic levels in the body.



Shilajit is a natural mineral substance that is a remedy for all diseases and regarded as a universal medicine. Is a rasayan and known to be a bioenhancer and helps in rejuvenating the cells for better performance  and function. Helps the organs to work better specially liver, kidneys and pancreas which makes it an excellent remedy for diabetes, genitourinary disorders general weakness and nervous disorders. Helps lower the glycemic levels in the body and is a natural detoxifier.  



Balances vata and pitta in the body and is cold in potency. Works as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Helps strengthen nerves and brain cells. Is an excellent remedy for neurological issues and diabetes and related issues. Helps strengthen organs and works wonders for liver and kidney issues. 


1 capsule twice daily


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