Male problems:

Male sexual dysfunction: Any physical or psychological problem preventing partners from getting sexual satisfaction. Treatment often helps men suffering from sexual dysfunction.

Impotency: The inability to achieve or maintain an erection for partners’ mutual sexual satisfaction.

Erectile Dysfunction: More specific word for ‘difficulty keeping an erection.’

Premature Ejaculation: Reaching orgasm1 too quickly.

Performance issues: Repeated sexual failures, lack of sexual adequacy and a feeling of sense of masculinity by men while performing copulation with partner.


Ayurveda texts explain sexual behaviour of human vis-a-vis Chatak (चटक) 1, Gaja (गज) 2, Vrusha (वृष) 3, Ashwa (अश्व) 4 which mean sparrow, elephant, bull and horse respectively. Way of sexual conjugation of each animal is also described as under. There are many other but these are main descriptions.

1. Multiple short span conjugations with small amount of semen. v1 sparrow mating (चटक) 1

2. Once in a while conjugation with abundant semen discharge. v2 Elephant mating (गज) 2

3. Regular stable seasonal conjugation with more quantity of semen. v3 Bull mating (वृष) 3

4. Regular forceful dynamic conjugation with average quantitative semen. v4 Horse mating (अश्व) 4

Out of above the horse has been very popular among humans. Horse is also called VAJI2 in sanskrit language. Hence VAJIKARANA3 is the name given to a specialization of Ashtang ayurveda (Eight specializations of Ayurveda) dealing with the issues relating to sexual power, virility, aphrodisiacs and improving health of progeny and not merely for pleasure. Pleasure is only a side benefit of VAJIKARANA TREATMENT.

As per Charak Samhita, by proper use of these formulations one is blessed with good physique, potency, strength and complexion and sexually exhilarated and sexually potent. This in turn is helpful in many common sexual dysfunctions like ED, PE, Performance issues as well as infertility. Life goes on because of reproduction. Healthy reproduction gives rise to healthy society. This is the aim of Vajikarana.



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