Herbal Nasal Drops

Nasal S


Chronic or recurrent cold and cough
Nasal inflammation
Chronic Headaches
Also useful in hair loss problems

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Nasal S is a special formulation inspired from classical formulations in ayurveda. It acts as Shiro-virechaniye medicine or used as Nasya. It strengthens and detoxifies the brain , nose , eye , throat areas.


ERAND: It is kapha vata shamak in nature. Acts as an anti inflammatory and analgesic. Helps to relieve fatigue and is an energy booster.Helps to relieve toxins from the body. 


TAGAR: Is a kapha vata shamak dravya. It helps to relax the mind and relieve mind fatigue. Is also good for the eyes.


SAUNF: It has brain enhancing action and is good for the eyes. Is also very useful in indigestion , nausea and vomiting.


        Jivanti: Jivanti is known for its revitalising, rejuvenating properties and nourishes the      tissues, improves life expectancy, strength, vitality and vigour. It aids metabolism, digestion and protects the eyes. It is an expectorant, cardiotonic and aphrodisiac


RASNA: Is an excellent analgesic. Is also indicated in asthma and other respiratory problems. Is digestive in nature. Used in inflammation of joints and helps to relieve fever.


DALCHINI: Increases blood circulation and is anti-inflammatory in nature. Increases immunity and is a rejuvenator. Helps in indigestion , nausea , vomiting. Helps in enhancing liver function.


VAIVIDANG: Is a kapha vata shamak. Is a stamina builder for brain muscles and nerves. Has antimicrobial properties. Helps in indigestion. Is a blood purifier. Known to be a rejuvenator.


MULETHI: Is vata pitta shamak in nature. Helps iin relieving burning sensation. Helps in hair growth. Acts as an analgesic and antiinflammatory. Strengthens the nerves. Helps in better functioning of the brain. Helps to relieve nausea and thirst. Good for the throat and helps to relieve mucus.


SAUNTH: Is kapha vata shamak. Improves blood circulation. Is an antiinflammatory and analgesic in nature. Is digestive in nature. Is a blood purifier . Removes toxins from the body.

Increases immunity.


SAINDHAV NAMAK: Is known to be pathya  by acharya Charak. Helps to balance all the three doshas.  Helps in digestion. Improves taste. Good for eyes . Good for the heart . Relieves infection. Helps to relieve chest congestion by removing kapha.


Pour two drops in each nostril or a directed by the physician.

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