Boost respiratory immunity

Helps clean and detoxify lungs

Improves breathing by relieving congestion

Detoxifies blood

Prevents recurrent lung infections and allergies

Reduces phlegm, inflammation in lungs


Rinse-H brings you the acute anti-inflammatory and healing properties of  Tulsi, Dalchini, Krishna Marich, Shunthi, Ajwain and Pudina that aids in lung health, helps protect, cleanse and improve lung immune defence.

This combination of herbs with camphor clears clogged sinuses and chest congestion effectively. It reduces phlegm production and inflammation in the lungs and strengthens respiratory function. This formulation also helps clean and purify the blood and protects it against further infection and disease.

Rinse-H is a lung detoxifying syrup that can be used effectively in the robust and the diseased.

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100 ml, 200 ml, 30 ml, 60 ml