The Life Saver

Saviur Capsules


30 Capsules Pack

Effective in Irregular and Intermittent fever.

Cures Acute and Chronic fever

Helps in pacifying Typhoid fever, Dengue fever, Viral fever, Chikungunya, Swine Flu, Influenza, and all types of Kaphaj Jwara, Vata-Kaphaja Jwara and Tridoshaja Jwara

Helps to relieve Cough and Coryza (Pratishyaya)

Prevents infection and promotes immunity.

Imparts Strength.

It’s a life saving medicine

Protects the vitals and prevents viral shock

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Saviur Capsules is an Ayurvedic antipyretic, anti-inflammatory formulation of Dharmayu that helps individuals heal from chronic fevers, Cough and Rhinitis. This peerless combination of powerful herbs and mineral preparations comprising Hiraka Bhasma, Swarna Bhasma, Rajata Bhasma etc are vital in reviving a person’s strength and immunity. It is a perfect immunomodulator to treat Viral fever, Typhoid fever, Dengue fever, Chikungunya, Swine Flu, Influenza and even fevers of unknown origin.


Hirak Bhasma: Hirak bhasma is an organo-mineral preparation of Diamonds. It is an excellent rejuvenator that promotes life span, strength, muscle bulk and also helps to improve general weakness. It is a good immunomodulator, cardioprotective, anti-tubercular and anti-inflammatory agent.

Swarna Bhasma: Swarna bhasma is an ayurvedic preparation from pure gold. It enhances strength, endurance, life span and lustre of the body. Swarna bhasma helps relieve chronic fever, tuberculosis, cough, respiratory problems, bacterial and viral infections.

Rajata Bhasma: Rajata bhasma is an incinerated preparation of calcined silver ash. It is beneficial in dry cough, fever, epilepsy, general weakness and neurological diseases. It also produces a cooling effect and is a detoxifier, appetizer, rejuvenator having antimicrobial property.


1 capsule thrice daily or as advised by the physician.


PRECAUTIONS: Use cautiously with Pittaj-prakriti patients. Incase of pittaj diseases, add Sudhanidhi Capsules as adjoint.


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