7 capsules pack.

Effective in Chronic headaches of Migraine, Sinusitis.

Provides other symptomatic relief like Nausea, Loss of appetite, Fatigue, and Vomiting.

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Suryavarti capsules bring the therapeutic efficacy of multiple herbs along with herbo-mineral
preparations and the major active ingredient Camphor that ensures quick relief from
headaches caused by Hyperacidity, Migraine and Sinusitis. It also relieves other symptoms
of migraine like Nausea, Loss of appetite, Fatigue, and Vomiting.
Suryavarti capsules are a safe and effective solution to fight Chronic headaches naturally.
Ardhavabhedhaka is a chronic neurological disorder characterized by recurrent moderate to
severe headaches, pain in half of the region of head, cervical region, eyebrows, temporal
part , ears, eyes, and frontal head.
Suryavarta is a shiroroga characterised by pain in the eye and eyebrow with periodicity of
pain which starts subsiding by evening.
Migraine is a neurological condition that is characterised by intense Headache,
Nausea,Vomiting and sensitivity to light.