(Ref:Charaka Samhita)

An investigation is an important tool for prevention, diagnosis and for deciding the line of treatment. Acharya Charaka, has mentioned a 10 point individualised examination of a patient to obtain knowledge regarding the lifespan, the strength of the patient and intensity of the disease.The ten aspects to be examined are mentioned below.

  1. Prakriti (Analysis of Body constitution)
  2. Vikriti (Pathology)
  3. Sara (Examination of qualities of dhatus)
  4. Samhanana (Compactness)
  5. Pramana (Quantitative examination of organs)
  6. Satmya (Examination of Adaptability or Suitability)
  7. Sattva (Analysis of Mental constitution)
  8. Aharasakti (Analysis of Digestive power)
  9. Vyayamasakti (Examination of strength by exercise)
  10. Vayas (Age)

The concept of ten fold investigation mentioned in Ayurveda is very much scientific in terms of understanding the duration of life, strength of person, probable origin and strength of the disease. This is a vital diagnostic tool for assessing the current health of a person and helps in prognosis and treatment of diseases.

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