WEIGHT LOSS – do it Naturally, effectively (मेदोरोग / स्थौल्य/ मोटापा)

Accumulation of unwanted fats/ adipose tissue in / around the abdomen is called obesity.

Harmful effects of obesity

  1. It gives rise to various diseases such as CV Issues/ High BP/ Higher cholesterol levels
  2. Stroke
  3. Type II Diabetes
  4. Sleep apnea
  5. Osteoarthritis
  6. Gallbladder disease
  7. Low quality of life

and others.

Causes of Obesity

Excesses of :

Sedentary lifestyle

Day sleeping

Enjoyment and luxury


Hereditary causes: We should manage more devotedly so that inherent qualities of genes to cause obesity do not become hurdle in life.


Prevention is the best management. Ayurveda says it as Nidaan Parivarjanam (निदान परिवर्जनम्).


Herbs and Minerals:

The herbs to be used should possess the quality and action as:

Medohar (those dissolve fats by metabolism).

Agnideepan (those resulting in very good appetite/ digestion and metabolism/assimilation),

Shodhan herbs (those cleanse the body by detoxification).

Should be able to give nutrition

Should be able to calm the mind

Ahaar (Food): Balancing food with low fats and low carbohydrates but good portion of dietary fibers. Positive Millets should be made compulsory part of every day food.

Similarly leafy greens, seasonal fruits, raw veg should be included in everyday diet to lose weight effectively.

Vihaar: Our rest time, recreation time and routines

Achaar: Our conduct with external world

Vichar: Our school of thought and our goals in life should be clear and useful to self and society.

Yog/ Pranayam/ Walking/ Jogging: Should be done as per one’s capacity and stress free life



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