Having sex during day time or evening is said to be harmful to health, in the night these are refereshing

– Ref Bhav Prakash by Bhav Mishr 1500-1600 BCE

Preventive health measures are discussed in Ayurveda in the form of protocols like Ritucharya (Seasonal regimen), Dincharya (Day regimen), Ratricharya (Night regimen). RATRI CHARYA explains the night activities to take rest from break and to reactivate, rejuvenate and refresh ourselves so taht one is ready for activities next day. Similarly avoidable activities are also explained.

Rules and directions for Maithun (Sexual conjugation) have been discussed under Ratricharya.

It is directed not to indulge in sex during evening time. Practicing evening sex may lead to Garbha Vikriti i.e. foetal abnormalities.

Natural instincts include sex and it is common that people involve in sex at various parts of the day. However sex during night time is good and wholesome for health.

Bhavprakash also mentions that to suppress sexual desire will lead to Meha (urine and diabetic disorders), Medo vridhi (Obesity) and Tanu Shithilata (laxity of the body). However day and evening sex is said to be harmful to health – ( ref Bhav Prakash pratham 5/266)

WHAT TO PRACTICE AFTER SEXUAL INTERCOURSE: As per Bhav Prakash 5/298 practice the following – one or more:

Bath, Milk with sugar, Sugarcane recipes, cool breeze, meat soup.

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