Wake up early in the morning before sunrise. Kapha dosha is generally vitiated in the mornings

Drink warm water

Do Nitya karma (defecation, teeth cleaning etc)

Do yoga postures:

1-2 minutes each is recommended. All postures are not necessarily required at a stretch.

Ushtrasan/ ardh Ushtrasan (to keep lungs healthy) 

Shalabhasan (lungs become active)

Bhujangasan (stretches lungs, more O2 reaches lungs)




Soorya Namaskar


Few minutes each as per capacity. Pranayama should not be done aggressively by asthma patients. Not necessarily all pranayamas need to be done.


Anulom Vilom/ Nadi shodhan

Kapal bhati (not aggressively)

Bhramari (If possible touch tongue tip with soft palate (TALU) during Bhramari)



For 5 minutes minimum

To calm down mind

Bath with warm water preferably between October to Feb


Do not Take (Don’ts)

Please remember that as a general rule, to get full benefits of Ayurvedic medicine you must follow food instructions and do’s and don’ts whenever advised. 

Food is to keep balance between Vata and Kapha.

If too much heat then avoid spices like garam masala and and chilly and other hot influence  foods (thermogenic foods)

  • No dry food like crackers, dry cold cereal
  • No bananas which cause Kapha
  • No curd at night
  • No buffalo milk
  • No ice cream 
  • No sugarcane
  • No heavy food
  • Avoid new grains.

Do Take these foods (Do’s):

  • Buttermilk with black pepper and cumin seeds powder may be taken
  • Take Desi cow milk
  • Pomegranates (roast it a bit, put rock salt/ saindha namak)
  • Papaya/ Pineapple / sweet lime in sunshine may be taken
  • Take aged (Old) honey/ grains/ ghee. 
  • Warm water every 2 hrs
  • Carom water (Ajwain boiled water)
  • Vit D rich food – milk and eggs
  • Beta carotene rich food – carrots, leafy greens
  • Magnesium rich foods – pumpkin seeds and spinach

Include Millets (Do’s): 

Include millets  in meals periodically in place of normal grains in diet.:

Soak overnight and cook longer in the morning

  • Foxtail – kangni (2 days in a week)
  • Browntop (2 days a week)
  • Kodo (1 day a week)
  • Little  (1 day a week)
  • Barnyard (1 day a week)


BF: Apply above do’s and don’ts. Please take between 8 to 9 am. .

Lunch: Apply above do’s and don’ts. Pl take between 1.00 to 2.00 p.m. 

Dinner/ Supper: Apply above do’s and don’ts. Try to take it before sunset or 3 hrs before bedtime. 

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