Sara means the excellence of the qualities of the seven dhatus. It is examined to determine the strength of the individual. 

Sometimes, we may judge a person’s strength just by looking at their body frame/external features. A person with a huge body frame is considered to have a stronger body than a lean person but it might not be the case every time. Just like an ant which is small and emaciated but carries a heavy load. A tall, lean person can possess greater strength than a person with a big corpulent body.

Thus, by examining the Sara, it allows us to understand the exact strength of an individual. Sara is of eight types:

  1. Twak-Sara
  2. Rakta- Sara
  3. Mamsa-Sara
  4. Medo-Sara
  5. AsthiSara
  6. Majja-Sara
  7. Shukra Sara
  8. Satva-Sara 

The first 7 types of Sara are based on the predominance and quality of particular dhatu in the body, whereas Satva Sara is based on the mental faculties of an individual.

The 8 components of Sara are examined and leveled in terms of Pravara(Excellent) Madhyama (Medium) and Avara( Inferior) qualities.

For Example: A person of Pravara Sara (Superior quality) is endowed with optimal strength of all dhatus, absolute happiness, has a well built body and can resist diseases.

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