Remedy for Sleeplessness

Nidra Oil


Relieves Headache

Cures Insomnia

Useful in treatment of Epilepsy

Effective in Depression and other Psychological disorders.

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Nidra oil is a blend of 6 nourishing oils such as coconut oil, mustard oil, badam oil etc with 10 other herbs. This combination works effectively to improve  mental health and to promote good sleep.  

By applying nidra oil and massaging it over the scalp, it invokes a state of calmness and promotes high levels of alertness and concentration. It also calms  the mind by relaxing the nerves and helps in inducing a good sleep.

This formulation helps to combat Headache, Sleeplessness, Stress, and Epilepsy, Psychological and other psychosomatic disorders.

Nidra oil has a powerful potential to regulate the nervous system and help you relax and sleep  better. It also has a wide range of utility in treating Psychological complaints.


Naariyal  Taila:    Coconut oil is one of the extensively used oils in ayurveda . Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and acts as an excellent nourisher to hair and promotes hair growth. It  helps to improve strength and immunity . It is also known to provide a cooling effect to the mind.


Sarshapa TailaMustard oil is an effective antifungal, anti-parasitic, antibacterial, disinfecting and antimicrobial oil that protects the skin against infections. It provides nourishment for the hair and improves blood circulation. Sarshapa taila is also found to be used in neurological disorders, epilepsy and  depression. It is also known to alleviate the  diseases of the head and  ear .


Soyabean Taila:    Soyabean  is snigdha in nature which provides strength and lustre to the body. It helps in nourishing and enriching the hair growth and is beneficial  for the skin and eyes. 


Jyotishmati Taila: Jyotishmati taila aids in stimulating intellect and sharpening the memory. It is a powerful stimulant and improves overall health. Studies also show that it has Antidepressant properties. Jyotishmati exhibits anti-inflammatory activities and is used for treating headaches   


Badaam Taila:  Almonds are used for treatment of nervous disorders as they are vatahara in nature. They are also useful for improving memory power. Almonds are highly beneficial in preserving the vitality of the brain and strengthening the muscles. It possesses rich antioxidants and has nourishing properties.


Kapoor:  Camphor is used mainly for treating inflammation, infection, congestion and pain.It is a very good pain reliever and helps to relax the nerves .Camphor acts as a coolant and relieves burning sensation.


Gulaab Pushpa :  Flowers of rose are cooling and aromatic. It is effective in insomnia and for relieving stress through its hridya property. It is used for treating burning sensation, inflammation and general weakness. Rose flowers are also known as the best source for antibacterial activity against microorganisms. 


Ashwagandha:  This herb is a potent rejuvenator and a regenerative tonic. It plays a pivotal role in enhancing the function of the brain,nervous system and improves memory. It’s a powerful adaptogen, it enhances the body’s resilience to stress. Ashwagandha improves the body’s defense mechanism against disease. It also possesses antioxidant properties. Its species name Somnifera means sleep inducing, indicating that it has sedative properties.


Sarpagandha:  Sarpagandha has a hypnotic action which helps to induce sleep. It is also the best herb for treating anxiety. Chandramaara (synonym of Sarpagandha) means the herb which helps in calming the mind and indicates that it  is widely used in treating the ailments of the mind.


Vacha: Vacha has got a prominent action on the central nervous system by which it improves the memory and  intellect. It plays an essential role in neuro-protection. It has antidepressant, anticonvulsant and anti-hypertensive properties.


Brahmi:   Brahmi is considered as one of the best herbs for the mind. This herb stimulates buddhi by removing depression. It nourishes the tissues in loss of memory and confusion caused by stress. Brahmi also restores normal function of mind by eliminating mental turbulence and debility.


Shankhpushpi:  The neuro protective element of shankhpushpi improves the functioning of the brain. It improves focus, memory, concentration, calmness and relieves stress. It also reduces mental fatigue. The herb  is highly effective in treating psychological conditions such as Depression, Stress and Anxiety. It also shows anti-epileptic properties.


Erand:   All parts of the plant possess high medicinal value and are used as rasayana. The cooling property of eranda nourishes the mind and the hair .It also acts as an analgesic as it helps in relieving headache. Erand is excellent for skin, improves health, intelligence, brilliance, complexion, memory and strength.It is also very effective in Insomnia .Due to its penetrating properties it acts as anti-microbial  and anti-inflammatory agent .


Amla:  Amla is a powerful rasayana in ayurveda. It  provides a refreshing effect to the body and mind  and has rejuvenating properties. Amla also helps in improving immunity. The potent nutrients in amla helps in enriching hair growth and  strengthening the root of hair. 


Dhaniya:  Dhaniya is an amazing culinary and medicinal herb. Coriander is an effective herb to balance vata and pitta. They are highly useful for pain and hence are used to treat headaches. 

Ksheera:  Milk has been said as the best one among the jivaniya and rasayana group. Due to its ability to provide nourishment to sense organs and as it is preferable to the mind, it helps in improving one’s sleep. Milk has a coolant effect on the body and mind. It is used in tiredness, dizziness, and known to impart strength and improve the intellect.


1-5 ml for scalp massage once/twice a day or before sleep or as directed by the physician.

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