Daily Energy Booster


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Daily Health Tonic

Gold| Silver| Kesar

Promotes strength, longevity, vitality, virility, vigour, lustre.

Provides good nourishment to all tissues.

Detoxifies and purifies blood

Improves skin radiance and glow

Effective in general debility, weakness 

Enhances intellect and memory.


ShaktiDa is a salubrious formulation from Dharmayu enriched with clinically validated botanical herbs and safe metallic preparations endowed with properties conducive to longevity, increase physical strength and promote health with continuum power and vigour and potentially able to prevent several diseases.

The quarry of antioxidants in ShaktiDa fortifies the body against various diseases by generating a feeling of well-being. ShaktiDa is your daily dose of wellness that will uplift your overall health and restore the optimum functioning of all systems.

11 reviews for ShaktiDa

  1. Piyush Madaan

    Very energetic even after single dose

  2. Devender

    Whole the day I feel energetic. cramps in my legs and backache cured

  3. sunny

    best ayurvedic dose for energy. thanx dharmayu.

  4. sandeep sharma

    Best results i have received so soon ever. highly recommended for energy and any kind of weakness. Thanx Shaktida.

  5. Sanjay Rawat

    Shaktida is the best product in my opinion. I am using it from last 3 months. Its 100% Chemical-free, Ayurvedic safe and everybody can use it.

  6. vivek chauhan

    Wonderful product by dharmayu. Such a fantastic deal to buy Shaktida and got it at the earliest. Highly recommended.

  7. Ashish Rana

    Very good product for energy. Very useful for daily life. Shaktida is very good quality product for health and immunity.

  8. Amit Kumar

    Best ayurvedic product. Good result. Thanks Shaktida

  9. Ashish kumar

    Best product as usual shaktida

  10. p v singh

    very effective

  11. Sunny Chaudhary

    ShaktiDa is Very effective for health. thanks dharmayu

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