(Ref: Charaka Samhita)

Samhanana refers to the compactness of the body. A person having a compact body reflects the quality of overall body build.

Samhanana is characterised by a symmetrical and well demarcated bones and joints along with a strong build. Just like Sara, it is also evaluated in three levels: Pravara (Superior) , Madhyama ( Moderate) and Avara (Inferior).

An individual with Pravara Samhanana indicates excellent strength and they may not suffer from diseases frequently. A flabby body indicates an Avara Samhanana and such a person may have a weak strength and can not tolerate diseases easily.

Pramana refers to the measurement of the body parts. A person with normal measurements is endowed with longevity, strength and good virtues.Pramana examination is helpful in diagnosis of a disease.

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