Herbal Digestive Powder

After Dine


 Loss of appetite.


 Relieves Flatulence, Bloating.

 Abdominal distension

 Cures Dyspepsia, Burning sensation

 Effective in Postprandial distress

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Dharmayu’s After Dine is fortified with powerful herbs and mineral preparation that offers a multitude of benefits to the digestive health. This formulation aids digestion, stimulates metabolism, increases food absorption, provides immediate relief from postprandial distress, abdominal colic and supports the digestive system to naturally restore its normal function. 


Ajwain: Ajwain is a quick remedy for abdominal pain caused by  indigestion and flatulence. Besides these therapeutic effects, it is used as a digestive, anti-helminthic, stimulates appetite, destroys smell and provides strength.


Jeeraka: The seeds of jiraka are mainly used as a carminative and digestive. However, it also has potent medicinal properties that are useful to aid digestion, in relieving flatulence, bloating, and helps to pacify colic, vomiting.


Shudh Hingu: Hingu is best used as an appetizer that enhances appetite and digestion due to its penetrating action and hot potency. This miraculous herb relieves spasms, indigestion, flatulent colic and constipation.


Krishna Maricha: Krishna maricha is a widely used spice with a pungent odour.

It is known to enhance the therapeutic effects of multiple herbs. It has an amazing potential to expel the toxins out of the body and helps in easing pain.


Pippali: As a rasayana drug, it has an important place in Ayurveda in both preventive and curative aspects. Pippali’s fruit allays a variety of upper respiratory disorders. Its fruit is digestive and carminative and useful in dyspepsia, vomiting and flatulent colic.


Saindhavam : Saindhava is the best in adding taste to food materials. It is an exceptionally good appetizer and beneficial in  indigestion, colic, abdominal distention and constipation.


Shunthi: Ginger is a herb with a pleasing taste and is known to sharpen the appetite. Ginger rhizome is primarily used as a digestive stimulant and does wonders in treating intestinal pain, flatulence and nausea.


Krishna Jeerakam: Krishna jeeraka is mainly indicated for chronic fever and gastric disorders. It  is used for gastrointestinal cramps and feelings of fullness, flatulence, irritable stomach, indigestion, lack of appetite, and dyspepsia.


Shankha Bhasma: Shanka bhasma is prepared from purified conch shells that are rich in calcium. The incredible healing property of shankha bhasma makes it an anti spasmodic and used in gastritis, abdominal colic, dyspepsia. It is also an effective digestive stimulant and used in loss of appetite, indigestion, bloating and abdominal distention.

Kaparda Bhasma: The bitter and thermogenic action of kapardika enhances the digestive power. The benefits of kaparda bhasma are fascinating as it helps in curing indigestion, sour belching, burning sensation, intestinal colic and other gastric maladies.


2-3 gm. after meals, twice daily or as directed by the physician.

Anupaan: Lukewarm water/ Ghrit.


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