Dharmayu Wellness Herbs

All millets are good for diabetic patients because they have:

Low glycemic index

High in fiber

Packed with nutrients

Gluten free

Versatility of use in a variety of dishes

Some of the best millets for diabetic patients:

RAGI – the Finger Millet: Also rich in calcium and iron which are important for bone health and anaemia.

KANGANI – the Foxtail Millet: Also rich in proteins and antioxidants. This reduce the risk of chronic heart disease and cancer.

KUTKI – the Little Millet: Also rich in iron.

KODO Millet: Also rich in antioxidants that help body against free radicals and oxidative.

According to Dr Khadar valli, a crusador to revive Shridhanya millets, says that decoctions of leaves of Atibala, Kundru, black jamun. Methi, Giloy, Dhaniya, Mint, Mogra should be taken in a cycle and then repeated simultaneously with diet of five positive millets two days each in a week and then cycle be repeated for immense benefits in Diabetes.

Similarly all the five positive millets be taken rotationally and following decoctions/ infusions/ Herbal Teas be taken for bringing the blood sugar to optimum levels effectively and without any side effects:

Liver Kidney Kadha

Weight Loss Kadha

DM Powder(as powderor infusion)

Fenugreek infusion (Herbal Tea)

Triphala Infusion (Herbal Tea)

17 ingradients Herbal Tea

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